dum2Getting to Durham University

Durham is 30 minutes drive from Newcastle Airport, and Stockton is a 70-90 minutes drive. The airport has regular domestic and international flights, and is linked to Durham and Stockton by rail and metro.

If your luggage is lost or delayed upon arrival, please do the following:

  1. Check the areas around the carousel. It is possible that your luggage may already have been unloaded.
  2. Go to the information/enquiry desk and tell a member of staff that your luggage has not arrived. You may be asked to produce your ticket and to provide a description of your luggage.
  3. Listen carefully to the information provided by the member of staff. This will include a reference number for your luggage. Please remember to provide your Durham address so the airline can forward your luggage to you.

For more information, see the Durham University Website.

What’s it like to live in Durham? Stunningly beautiful and boasting both a world class cathedral and impressive castle, you’ll never get tired of looking around you in Durham. Though make sure you pack some woolly jumpers (that’s sweaters to you), it gets quite chilly in Durham.  Although Durham is in the North, you’ll soon discover that Durham is a top destination for upper-crust students from the south and one of the top choices for many of those from elite schools.  That’s done a fair bit to contribute to the stereotype of posh Durham students!

Sights to see in your part of the country include…

Alnwick Castle–look familiar?  A lot of Harry Potter was filmed here!

Lindisfarne–an island monastery which was sacked by the Vikings. Stunningly beautiful and weirdly haunting.

The Lake District–some of England’s most beautiful landscape.  If it was good enough Wordsworth…

Haworth Parsonage–home of the Brontë sisters and surrounded by the wuthering moors.