Don’t forget that you are bound by your home university’s code of conduct while you study in the UK, as well as that of your British institution.  To read about laws on drugs in the UK, see here.

Alcoholic Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide organisation aiming to help alcoholics stay sober. No fees — the only requirement is the desire to stop drinking.  

National Helpline: 0845 769 7555 (24 hrs)

London Helpline: 020 7833 0022 Open 10am-10pm daily.

Narcotics Anonymous 

Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based, non-profit fellowship of men and women for whom drugs have become a major problem – recovering addicts who meet regularly.

UK Helpline:   0300 999 1212 0r 0845 3733366


Organisation that helps young people and concerned friends know the facts about drugs.  You can call to speak to somebody or use an online chat facility at certain times of day.

This page will guide you through the A-Z of terminology concerning drugs in the UK.

National Drugs Helpline: 0800 776 600