Financial Documentation

money_2196794b Forms of Financial Documentation

If you are considered a “low-risk” applicant, you no longer need to send financial evidence with your visa application. However, you need to take the documentation with you to the UK in case they ask for it on arrival. Students studying in London must have evidence of  £1000 per month to cover living costs. Students studying outside of London must show evidence of £800 per month. Acceptable forms of financial documentation:

• Official letter from ‘financial sponsor’ stating amount of sponsorship, length of sponsorship, contact information etc.
• Bank statements (savings, current and notice accounts only) Shares, bonds and pension funds are not acceptable.
• Applicant must be named on account (shared accounts are OK); parental/guardian’s statements are acceptable, with proof of their relationship to you.
• Original statements only (internet statements are only acceptable if they are stamped on each page by a bank official).
• Original signed letter from bank containing all necessary information can be used in place of statements.
• Amounts must be given in sterling, not dollars. Use to calculate the exchange
• Funds must have been held for continuous 28 day period before date of application.

Things to be aware of:

1. Foreign language documents must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by a professional translator
2. All financial evidence must be dated no more than one calendar month before application date
3. Provisional student loans not acceptable. Letter must state that the ‘loan will be available on the issue of the visa’
4. All documents must be original and genuine

 Please note that whilst the Cornell-Brown-Penn UK Centre strives to provide accurate immigration information, we are not qualified immigration officers. The most accurate information should be obtained from the official UK Border Agency website.