Brown: Although we hope you will be immersed into life at your host University, it’s important you keep up to date with what’s happening at Brown so that you do not feel too alienated when you return. What’s more, you don’t want to miss out on any deadlines!

Pre-Registration: You need to notify Brown’s Office of International Programs formally by December 1st or May 1st [for Spring and Fall semesters respectively] if you are changing your plans about returning to Brown. The Registrar’s Office sends all papers to your permanent home address. You can check on courses here at the office or online. Find more at the registrar’s site or from the OIP office.

Academic Calendar: Check out what’s in store for you when you return to Brown.

Upperclass Housing:

Financial Aid: Refer to Brown’s Financial Aid Office for more information regarding tuition and other costs.

Accessibility Services: If you need any help, contact here

Study Abroad Office:For more information about academic programmes in the UK or any other Study Abroad concerns, visit the Office of International Programs site.

Emergency Contacts: Bianca Leggett +44 77 54880730 OIP at Brown: 001 401 863 3555 Office of Public Safety: 001 401 863 3322