Parks and Gardens

Parks and gardens are wonderful places in the UK.



One of the most charming aspects of London is  how green it is (compared to New York for example). If the sun is shining and it is even vaguely warm, Londoners will hit the parks in droves, quaffing prosecco, Ribena and sandwiches. Cambridge has lovely green spaces along the river and Oxford’s Botanic Garden makes for a wonderful outing. Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat  in Holyrood Park will let you have a proper climb, and you will have a wonderful view to the sea. In the Iron Age there were hillforts up there.

When in London, be sure to check out:

Kew Gardens  A vast and beautiful green space which includes Victorian greenhouses full of tropical plants and a treetop walkway which gives you a view of the whole park, or lets you peek at the squirrels unawares if you prefer!

Lincoln’s Inn Fields Technically a square, not a park, it dates back to the 1630s. Inigo Jones drew the plan. It takes its name from the adjacent Inns of Court.

The Roof Gardens  located atop a former department store on High Street Kensington and built in 1936. Now owned by Richard Branson and part of the Virgin empire, they are still open to the public. But you must call first to make sure that they are not closed for a private event — which happens frequently in the springtime. And, it has flamingos.


Battersea Park 200 acres of green space on the south side of the river. Formerly known as a good spot for a duel, now home to a large peace pagoda. Lovely in the spring, with old trees, though watch out for small children on bikes.