About the (Interim) Resident Director

Cornell-Brown-Penn UK’s Resident Director is Bianca Leggett. Bianca is on a brief break, but you can read more about her below. In the meantime the program is being headed up by David.  

David Crout Interim Resident Director


Hello! I’m David and I’ve been working in international education for a number of years both with UK and US institutions. I’m delighted you’re taking this opportunity to study in the UK, and am here ready to help you to discover what it has to offer and to make the most of your time living and studying here.  You’ll find it’s compact and easy to get around, yet varied, culturally diverse and historically rich. Just don’t ask to see our constitution.


res-dirI’d like to introduce myself–my name is Bianca and I am the Cornell-Brown-Penn UK Centre’s Resident Director.  You’ll notice some new postings from me from time to time, but this site has been constructed over generations of Resident Directors, so it’s full of accumulated wisdom.

A little bit about me. I am English and, though I haven’t always been a Londoner, I studied in this city and it has become my home. My great passion is all things liberal arts-y, which also happens to be the subject I teach at King’s College London alongside my work at the Centre.  I love reading, the theatre, comedy, British beer, shows about competitive baking and telling long anecdotes about the more eccentric members of my family. Only ask about this if you really have the time…

Though I began teaching at a British university in London, I have also taught at an American university here in the UK–so I know a little bit about the differences between the two and the difficulty of crossing over from one system to another. I’ll be with you every step of the way and if you’ve got some questions for me already, don’t hesitate to ask!  You can reach me at Bianca.leggett@cornell-brown-penn.ac.uk.

You’ll find plenty of useful information on this site, so do take the time to look around, and remember to check back from time to time for updates. Until next time!

Best wishes from London!