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Spring 2020

Well, Spring 2020, what a semester. We did not see that coming. It all started out so optimistically back in January, when we started off the year, expectant and excited for orientation, and a whirlwind of activity exploring our new home.  Before things went a…

Going Home

All good things come to an end, and that includes your time studying abroad. Whether you had a fantastic time and want to stay forever, or you’re counting the minutes until you get back, you’ll need to get prepared, practically and emotionally. Academics checklist Make…

35th Annual Cornell Club UK Thanksgiving Dinner

35th Annual Cornell Club UK Thanksgiving Dinner

The annual Cornell Club UK Thanksgiving Dinner for Cornell alumni and Cornell Brown and Penn students was another great success. For the 35th year in a row, the club organised and subsidised the event. The indefatigable Natalie Teich led the way once again. The evening included rousing renditions of school spirit songs.

Major Incident

In the case of a major incident you may hear from your home/ American university who will wish to check up on your safety. Please reply promptly if this happens. Please be proactive in letting the following know you’re safe and well: Your family Your…